We apply cutting edge technology like machine learning and neural networks to gain new insights from the data driving your business. Let your data work for you!


Leverage RAD tooling to develop up to 6 times faster than traditional development!


Don't be limited by your current systems. We build smart apps next to, on-top-of or in place of your old applications!


Leverage Big-Data and Rapid App Development to prove your ideas in days or weeks instead of months and years.


Our industry recognized, expert level consultants extend your IT teams or augment your business teams with operational, tactical and strategic advice.

We leverage cutting edge technology in the field of Big Data and Rapid Application Development (RAD) to create smart apps, and next generation applications.


We have the best certified developers, industry recognized experts, trainers and specialists in all fields of Rapid Application Development (RAD), Java, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile app development and the Cloud.

The world is ever changing, and so is your business. You thrive to offer the best products and services to your customers. TimeSeries can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of competition!

We combine the ability to develop innovative apps lightning fast with the advanced analytical capabilities of our own Big Data / IoT platform to create intelligent desktop, tablet and mobile apps.

Perform better, work more efficient and be able to quickly adapt to future changes with our smart solutions!

Your success is our success.

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"TimeSeries' experts were paramount in tying the complex landscape of technologies together."

- Alderik Bos - CEO Liftinzicht


To collect sensor data from sensors placed on elevators and analyse and process the data in a platform to predict the need for maintenance.


Connected elevators through the TimeSeries Analytics platform using IoT LoRa-connected sensors. Results were returned to Mendix to calculate and predict elevator maintenance schedules.


A user-centric app that predicts and allocates maintenance recources based on live data from the elevators.

Our approach

From idea to value, and the smart app value chain.


From idea to value

We help you turn ideas into business benefits, fast and reliable.

TimeSeries develops your smart applications with the speed of light, but we also coach and enable your organization to utilize its full potential to gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing world.

One of the greatest challenges in driving business, regardless of working in the profit or non-profit sector, is to transform a great idea into a sustainable, beneficiary business solution. User friendly, intelligent apps can help you achieve that goal quickly and provide you with the means to anticipate on future changes, making your business future-proof. However, when introducing new software within your organization, it's a known fact that it can have an impact on your organization. This impact can differ in size, varying from implementing a new workflow to an actual cultural and organizational change.

Rapid Application Development enables you to add value to your business lightning fast, much faster than traditional technologies. So when you introduce new solutions with these technologies, you need a more comprehensive approach than just releasing the sofware and letting your organization cope with it. Our proven "From idea to value" methodology, developed by our experts in the field of project management, change management, Agile coaching and technology services, helps your organisation adapt to the dynamics of adding rapid application development to your capabilities.

Data, IoT, Cloud

Raw data is the starting point for understanding your business in detail. Many organisations have collections of data, but don't know how to turn it into means to reach their goals yet. It all starts with gathering the data and consolidating this into a platform (data lake).

AI, Calculate, Info

When the data is collected, it can be analyzed to gain additional insights. Machine learning (AI), transformations, calculations, and business rules are applied in this phase to distill the data to useful information about the data, like trends, predictions, peak and median values and other highly valuable insights.

Experiment, Analytics

The information is presented in an accessible and user friendly manner. This enables the user to validate the information distilled through automated processes. It enables the user to gain more insight and correlate information in new ways, which weren't directly visible from the raw data measurements.

Efficiency, Value

The hard work is done by obtaining information from your data. The next step is acting on this information! Send an engineer, create a product order, stop a specific machine, these are all options that can be undertaken in this phase, based on the set of data, which add value to your business!

Big Data

When combining the Gather and Process phases you get Big Data. This is one of the two main specialties that TimeSeries offers. Data is gathered and processed to make an applicaton 'smart', so it is inherently better able to support decision making processes, predict moments of action, monitor your assets, et cetera.

TimeSeries' experts have extensive knowledge in the field of Big Data analytics, i.e. Machine learning, Algorithms, Neural networks and Blockchain. TimeSeries also supplies a Big Data platform called the TimeSeries Analytics platform, which seamlessly connect to Rapid Application Development platforms, offering clients Big Data-in-a-box-like capabilities.

Rapid Application Development

Do you want to develop 6x faster than traditional development? Do you need better IT & Business alignment? Use RAD to accelerate your business! Develop new business concepts in near weeks instead of months. We provide a wide range of RAD expertise, from Expert-level developers to project managers, Agile Coaches and SCRUM Masters.

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