"TimeSeries Analytics was crucial in processing and applying our scientific algorithms on our enormous amount of data within a very tight time schedule."

-Patrick Nanninga - CEO Cameleon


To determine the ideal moment to switch energy contracts based on an algorithm.


A smart app which incorporates the algorithm, collects market data and can automatically switch energy providers.


A straightforward process to easily add value to a customers life, give insight in usage and save an average of 30% on a yearly basis.

01. Description

It is commonly known that switching energy providers each year can save a lot of money. What you might not know is that the precise moment you switch also has a large influence on the rates you pay. Deciding when to switch can be very difficult and that is where Cameleon's solution can help. Cameleon has developed a unique algorithm that helps decide small to medium sized business when to switch and helps save them a lot of money.

Cameleon came to TimeSeries with the idea described above and wanted our help creating a smart app. Combining their market expertise with our Rapid Application Development and Big Data expertise, we were able to come up with a successful solution and started working on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

02. Solution

We applied our TimeSeries smart app value chain to determine our course of action.


Gather relevant information such as current rates.


The algorithm determines the moment to switch energy contracts.


Inform the customer once the switching moment is reached.


Switch contracts if the customer accepts the offer

After gathering the needed information from Cameleon's customer, such as current rates and yearly usage, their data is processed by the algorithm. The algorithm determines the maximum price per kWh/m3 a customer should pay for their energy for the next year, based on market analysis. Once the market price fits the maximum price as determined by the algorithm, energy providers will be contacted to ensure an offer with that exact price. Lastly the best offer is presented to the customer for final approval.

03. Benefits

By being able to determine the maximum price a customer should pay for their energy, an average of 30% is saved per customer on a yearly basis. This does not mean that the customer will pay less than the previous year, but that he is ensured he will pay the best possible price. The beauty of our solution is that the smart app does all the work!