Tracking material in a warehouse or on a construction site can be a problem, especially if material is constantly being delivered, moved and used. On average searching for these items means losing 25% of the time which could be spent on construction.


By applying cutting edge RFID technology combined with autolocation algorithms together with SMRT Projects we implemented a system which helps Heerema Fabrication to keep track of their pipe spools.


The implementation of RFID technology leads to improved efficiency, transparency of the supply chain and cost benefits. This innovation has a great payoff, ROI is less than six months.

01. Description

Heerema Fabrication Group specializes in the engineering and fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil & gas and energy-related industries. On their fabrication location in Vlissingen they have big amounts of pipe spools which are used during large construction projects.

02. Solution

Different locations in the warehouse are equipped with RFID tags. Each pipe spool is labeled with an RFID tag when it is delivered after which they are placed in a warehouse. When walking through the warehouse with an RFID handheld scanner both the location tags and the tags on the pipe spools are scanned. The autolocation algorithm automatically assigns the correct location to each pipe spool. All this information is managed by the RFID platform we build with SMRT Project and is synced to the ERP of Heerema.

03. Benefits

All this leads to improved efficiency, transparency of the supply chain and great cost benefits, thus improving competitiveness. Our experience shows that this innovation, even in mature industries, has a great payoff: ROI is always less than 6 months.