To make the lives of elderly people easier by combining all their needs in one single app.


A tablet app specifically designed for the elderly helping them to video chat, play games and watch television, do groceries and ask for general help.


A user-friendly app that is used in elderly homes throughout the Netherlands.

01. Description

IPCare is an expert in the healthcare sector and is known as a healthcare integration partner. They provide services regarding security, electro and communications. Recently they noticed a need for apps in the healthcare sector. Using their experience they came up with an idea to help the elderly.

By partnering with TimeSeries IPCare accessed expertise in the fields of automation, domotica and smart apps. Their customers had a need for smarter apps and together we fit that need!

02. Solution

By combining some of the most-used daily tasks into one application, the lives of elderly people is made a lot easier. The app can be used for entertainment such as watching television and listening to radio, but also for (heavier) manual labour such as ordering groceries or getting help with hanging a painting. One of the most important features of the app is the functionality to videochat with friends and relatives in an easy way.

03. Benefits

The users of this app now have one central place for their basic needs. By eliminating the need for a multitude of different apps and websites, their energy can be spent on different things. The data and options this app provide are also beneficial for the caretakers and professional caregivers. Possibilities include uses like Remote Care and Information Sharing.