Over 70% of solar panel installations have serious shortcomings and are underperforming.


Implement the TimeSeries Big Data analytics platform to provide real-time information about the production of solar panels and detect malfunctions as soon as possible.


By applying our advanced analytics capabilities we improved the performance of solar panels.

01. Description

ZenitSIS (Solar Inspection Service) is a leading global provider of comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic (PV) installations (solar panels), truly advancing PV’s contribution to the energy market. By utilizing integration technologies and expertise throughout the entire solar value chain, ZenitSIS delivers bankable PV energy solutions that maximize the value of our customers’ PV investment, while minimizing their risk. Identifying potential problems before they occur directly impacts energy production and drives both profitability and sustainability. Leveraging an extensive knowledge base, ZenitSIS has developed innovative tools to promote early detection and resolve subtle technical issues before they have a detrimental impact on a installations output. Using advanced technologies, rigorous processes and expert staff, ZenitSIS continuously evaluates and fine-tunes its practices. It also provides extensive operating and maintenance services, making ZenitSIS the partner of choice for PV operators globally.

02. Solution

By implementing the TimeSeries platform ZenitSIS is able to give their customers insight in their energy generation and consumption. They are able to do live and/or on-demand analytics, as the solution is very well capable of providing real-time (or even streaming) analytics. The data is also able to show degradation, so customers know when something is wrong with their PV.

The beauty of the analytics platform in this case is that it enables benchmarking. Because you know what’s motivating? Finding out you’re behind the curve and you didn’t even know it. Fortunately, ZenitSIS has the tools and resources to help you get ahead. Once you benchmark your performance with comparable solar panel installations, you’ll have a better idea what to do next.

Got a low score? Time to do a ZenitSIS audit and see why you may be underperforming. The good news is you have the potential to make more money!

Got a score of 75 or higher? Congrats! Apply for ZenitSIS certification and show the world that your installation is a top-performer. But even certified installations have room to improve, so keep benchmarking to ensure that you continue moving in the right direction!

If the performance of the monitored PV installations drops under a predefined level, this will trigger an automated alert. If for instance a minimal Performance ratio of 70% is agreed upon in your Service Level Agreement, an alert will be triggered if the performance drops bellow that level and predictive maintenance by ZenitSIS will take place.

Of course it’s also possible to trigger an alert based on the position in the benchmark.

Lastly, it is possible to compare the actual ROI against the projected ROI. So a PV installation owner can see if he is on track, doing better or falling behind. Again, this can trigger ZenitSIS to take measures.

03. Benefits

ZenitSIS customers are being given the opportunity to drastically improve the output of their PV installation by using the analytics platform to benchmark and monitoring the generation of their solar panels.